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The Story of Jesus

Lesson 1: The Beginning

Learn about the beginning of Jesus' life from the time he was born. Listen to the audio lesson below or read the lesson transcript of Evangelist Matt Trent's study on the start of Jesus' life.

Lesson 1: The Beginning - Read The Transcript

Good morning. I'd like to welcome you each and everyone to our assembly this morning. We're happy to be here and happy to have this time of worship together and thankful to have each and every one of you present here with us this morning as has been announced this morning, we're going to begin a series of studies this morning about the story of Jesus and just to provide a little bit of context for this and everything normally, there goes.

Normally. In the fall of every year, I like to try to pick out a series and kind of Go through, and In a more in-depth way, maybe try to survey some particular subject. And so over the years, we've done a lot of there's several different things as we've kind of done that in the fall, or I've done that in the fall.

And so last year, did a series on an overview of the Bible, kind of providing a general view of the story of the Bible. And as part of that series, I ended up giving the longest sermon I've ever given. In Norman, when I tried to talk about the life of Jesus in one sermon and so that was a long sermon but it was also my favorite sermon of that whole series.

And so as I was doing that and working on that, it kind of gave me an appetite to maybe try to work on this a little bit more. And so there's our idea for this fall is to try to work through and talk about the story of Jesus. I want to begin this morning by reading with you a passage of scripture that's written after Jesus is already returned to heaven.

And so this is John's view of things as they have concluded. As Jesus is raining in heaven, and as John kind of reflects back upon what happened in the benefits that came from it. Here's what he says that which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon in our hands of handled concerning the word of life.

The life was manifested and we have seen and bear witness and declared to you that eternal life, which was with the father and was manifest to us that which we have seen and heard we be clear to you. The you also may have fellowship with us and truly. Our fellowship is with the father and with his son, Jesus Christ.

And these things we write to you, that your joy may be full. That, which was seen and heard by these witnesses, certainly is that, which provides the fullness of joy for us in our relationship with God? And it's all possible because of Jesus life. And so we want to just come to try to understand throughout the course of this series, the story of Jesus Another words.

What happened when When he preached this sermon on the mouth. Why did he do that at that time? And then he made this change in his ministry instead of teaching like he did in the ceremony started teaching. Terrible is why that happened. And who were the opponents of Jesus and why did they oppose him?

And how did that develop? And where did he go? Where was Jesus? Over the course of his ministry. So these are the sorts of things we want to try to get a bit of a handle on us. We go over the course of our study. We're going to do it at eight parts, just like we did last year.

Here's the Schedule. We always, of course, work these things out and pencil so to speak because sometimes we have to edit a little bit. But we're going to talk this morning about the beginning about how everything sort of started. And then we'll work on the ministry of Jesus. Jesus ministry takes place across a little more than three here.

The first year is often referred to as a year of the These years. By the way, you can find different titles in different authors, but this is the ones that we're going to kind of go with. A second year is the year of popularity which includes a lot of information about his ministry and Galilee.

And then, the third year is the year of opposition. And then we'll focus on the final week. And then, of course, the resurrection and the appearance is in all of that. I'll talk a little bit more next time about the way. We're going to kind of track these years in the part that the Passover will play in all of this, our focus this morning though is to talk about the beginning.

About the beginning of the story of Jesus Christ. And so as we do that, we're going to kind of focus on four different periods. So to speak and the beginning of the story of Jesus, the first that we want to talk about is a period of preparation, and we'll talk about this time of peer review.

All of the different people around Jesus, in the beginning. And then his development and his ultimate maturation in other words, as he steps toward being ready to begin his ministry at the age of 30. And so the morning I want to focus first of all on this period of preparation.

As we begin, looking at this particular subject, it's important to remember that they the perspective we have of Jesus. As we begin, looking at him and About how this all came about and how this all developed the story of Jesus itself is told By eye witnesses. Or told by those who were in contact with eyewitnesses.

Here's the way Luke writes about it. And so, this is kind of how we're going to be able to see the ministry of Jesus. Luke says, in as much as many have taken in hand to set an order in narrative of those things, which have been the field among us, just as those who were from the beginning where I witnesses and ministers of the word delivered them to us.

And see good to me. Also, having had perfect understanding of all things from the very first to write to you and orderly account. Most excellent theophilus. You may know the certainty of those things in which you were instructed. And so Luke himself is not necessarily an eyewitness, but he is going to have a perspective and talking with those who are eyewitnesses.

Of course, the gospels are written by those who are inspired by the Holy Spirit, that's true. But they're speaking with witnesses, they're speaking, when people who were there is or sometimes they themselves were they So John says in John 20 verses 30 and 31, truly Jesus. Did many other signs in the presence of his disciples which are not written in this book.

But these are written that, you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and believing him may have life. In his name, the very end of John, John 21, verse 24 says, this is the disciple who testifies of these things and wrote these things and we know that his testimony is true.

That's a disciple that was right there. That's John himself, having a conversation with Jesus and Peter. So these I witnesses that write about the ministry of Jesus Christ. How do they see the beginning of the ministry of Jesus? The ministry of Jesus and the work of Jesus, the life of Jesus is not just an isolated event.

In fact, the way that the story is presented is it is the central event of God's plan. When Jesus doesn't come along in it randomly or some isolated event. Rather Jesus comes and fulfillment of a plan that God has made So, that period of preparation begins a long time before Luke, and Mark, and Matthew and John sit down to write a story of Jesus.

The period of preparation begins way way before that. We studied last time in our story of the Bible about the fact that the book of Genesis begins with humanity rebelling against God. And so, Adam and Eve were bail against God. And the days of Noah, they rebell against God and in the Tower of Babel, they rebell against God, and it becomes clear.

At that time that God has to intervene. And so here's what God does interview, he calls to Abraham and he says in Genesis 12 to the Abram, get out of your country from your family, from your father's house to a land, I will show you I will make you a great nation.

I will bless you and make your name great, and you shall be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you. I will curse him who curses you and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed. So it's a Abram God says humanity's got a problem and it's sinned.

And I want to fix that problem through your family. And he makes him a promise to do three things. These three things include the promises that are going to be fulfilled through Avery. I'm going to give you a family. I'm going to give that family land. And then through this family, I'm going to give them the world that will be a blessing to ever.

Three promises to Abraham. The Old Testament is really about how God keeps these promise. The family in the land, all of that put together. They're going to produce this descendant of Abraham. We learn a lot more about this decision, who's known as the Messiah. This descendant is ultimately going to be a descendant of King David, as well.

And second Samuel 7 which takes place around 1200 years after Abraham's time. God tells David that you're going to have a son right on the throne forever. So God builds this nation, this family, internation of Israel, He gives them the promised land. And now there's the Old Testament in.

You have the promise of this descendant, who's going to rain over the world and save the world and all of that. And how is that going to work? Well, here's how John explains it to John, chapter 1. He says in the beginning was the word. That means any beginning, this plan already existed, by the way, In the beginning was the word, the word was with God and the word was God.

Up, skip to verse 14. Yes. And dwelt among us. And we beheld, his glory, the glory, as of the only begotten of the father, full of grace and truth, God's plan is to give the world a savior. And he works on that plan for thousands of years through his people.

And how is he going to give the world a savior? How will he do that? The word because flesh, that's how he does that. As we begin to think about this period of preparation, it's vital to understand that the Old Testament, all of your testament. Is preparing for the arrival of the Messiah.

It all leads up to that. And the life of Jesus is the centerpiece of the Bible. It is what the Bible is all about. So, the period of preparation is pointing us for thousands of years towards God's plan, to give us on the side. So, the period of preparation, all the sudden, It comes to an abroad.

Is now begins time to start rolling out God's plan. And God's plan includes a whole bunch of people. It wasn't just Jesus himself. There's a whole cast of characters involved. This cast of characters begins in the spirit of preparation, of course, with the genealogy, The genealogy leads up, of course, to the time of Jesus' birth, this phase physical family that Jesus would descend from.

And it's a genealogy to Jesus can trace all the way back, of course to Adam. But now comes time for the birth of Jesus, the story of Jesus birth is actually told in both Matthew and Luke. And in Luke, it's kind of interesting the way it's told, it's paired with the story of another bird.

The birth of the four renter of Jesus. The one that was to prepare the way for the Messiah. So the first two chapters of Luke, really tell the story that we're going to be focused on for the rest of our studies this morning. The story begins of course, with this priest name, Zacharias and Luke chapter 1.

These married to this lady named Elizabeth. And sacrificed Elizabeth there priestly family. They're both from a priestly tribe of Me. And it married a little while. They've been together for a long time, but they do not have children. Because of bearings. So as they age and as they go along, all the seven, now, the message comes to Zacharias, your wife is going to have a child.

You can't hardly believe. And the angel is he explains it. He's still can't hardly believe that becomes a problem for Zachariah. So he struck you. For the course of Elizabeth's pregnancy. Sure enough she gets pregnant. And as she's expecting this baby, it kind of gathers all sorts of attention from the family.

And here comes one of Elizabeth's relatives. Lady by the name of Mary. And Mary has had her own experience. It's an interesting thing, this pairing by the way, When you look at John and Jesus is greatest, John is Jesus is always better. And as great as the story of John's birthday is the story of Jesus birth this morning.

And that's kind of the way these first little bit of Luke here. That's the way it works. Anyway, Mary, she's had her own experience with an angel by the name of Gabriel. Who approached her and told her Mary. You are highly favored from God. You're a chosen vessel of the Lord.

You are an important person to God. So here's what's going to happen. You're going to have a side. That's not the first time that God has miraculously intervened to bring about the birth of a child, but this is a unique intervention is Mary says, how can that be seen?

As I do not know, am I? She's not married. She's never been with a man. So, how in the world? Could she bear a child?

In the angel explains that God will take care of that.

And she says, let it be done to me. According to the will of the Lord, let God do what he wants. So, this pregnant Mary Goes to visit her cousin, Elizabeth. And you can read the story in Luke of course of when Mary enters of the leaping, baby. There's greatness forecast in that little inner exchange.

Six months difference between these two cousins, The birth of John takes place. Mary goes home. The man who would be seen as the father of Jesus was a man named Joseph Mary. And Joseph are engaged. In an angel approaches him to and a dream. And explains to him his role.

This is told in Matthew chapter 1, verses 18 to 25 And that place, the angel tells Joseph that this Mary, you should marry her. He was considering putting her away can perhaps believing that she had somehow been immoral and she did. Now, the angel says you, this is God's work.

You marry her and then you name this baby Jesus. And Joseph does what she commands These godly parents. This is Joseph and very they are obedient. And over and over and over again. As you read about these two people in both mathematics, it emphasizes their And it's something for us to think about and we have families were raising families.

What does God really need from parents? What does it take to really be a good parent? Well, there's maybe a lot of different things we want to think about. A lot of things you want to do. With the greatest characteristic of the parents of Jesus is they were obedient to God.

They were trusting of God, they were faithful to his words. And in every part of the plan, there is it's laid out. They do what God says, they are causally parents So, Joseph and Mary. Now they're expecting this baby, they're married. In the Bible explains in Luke chapter 2 that it's There are obligation as citizens now, kind of introduce the scenario.

And so, their obligation as citizens means, they've got to to register for taxes and all of that. They've got to head back to the city of Joseph's. Father, the city of David, which is the city of Bethlehem In Judea. And so the last thing they want to do, I'm sure is take a big old, long road trip.

Is coming close to the time from here. You can deliver. But also go. And they make their way of course, down to Bethlehem. In just to show you about these family here. Jesus They are novice. How do we know that when they get to Bethlehem? No one has made plans for them?

Nobody's ready for them. Nobody opens their hope to them. And they end up in this manger, a place where they could have kept some animals. There weren't animals there apparently. And so there they put the family of Jesus in there. And that's where they're going to have their baby.

With a frightful thing that must have all been for them to think about that as young parents. First child born in a manger with no one else there to help you. But it went great. And here comes the baby Jesus. And his healthy. He's taken care of. And the hosts of heaven, the angels they want to arrange kind of a wealthy party.

And God allows that. So they go out and they find these shepherds out of the field. And they tell these shepherds where to find Jesus. And the Bible says, they kind of follow these directions and they find Jesus just like they study with me. And they're able to rejoice and celebrate with these parents.

You notice a lot of the activity around Jesus. There's a good people, God placed him in a place where he's got. Good people around him, great parents. Good extended family like the family of Zacharias and Elizabeth but even these shepherds God has these humble men who listen to the direction of the angel, come and celebrate the arrival of the Messiah?

These obedient parents then eight days in. They begin to have the responsibility of circumcising Jesus. And then of offering a particular sacrifice to redeem the firstborn. And the rules about all of that are in Leviticus chapter 12 and it's a different rule for if you have a boy, and if you have a girl, when you go to the temple and when you offer these sacrifices and all of that, But they go to the temple, and they do just this God says, and they offer the sacrifices that are supposed to be offered for their firstborn son, Their obedient.

It has their obedient. Now they meet these faithful, I'm going to put greeters instead of welcome or same thing. But anyway, they're these greeters, they are the temple. And the first one they made is a man named Simeon. And Simeon. He had received information from God. And before he died, he would have the privilege.

You know, holding this amazing child. Being with this child. And so CB and season Jesus, the fulfillment of all of that. And then, here comes Anna. And as a widow, she's known the sting of loss in her life. And having experience the sting of loss. Her decision was to deepen, her devotion, to God.

That's the way she dealt with her laws. So by the time it gets to the day that Jesus is going to meet her. She's pretty much at the temple all the time just where she wants to be. And yes, life. It hasn't necessarily turned out for this and I like, maybe she had dreamed.

But her relationship with God is stellar, it's just great. And there she sees this baby. And she celebrates the arrival of this job, and it's important. Is faithful greeters there in the temple, obedient parents, we get to introduce our children. So wonderful. People. And our children when we are faithful like Joseph and Mary were faithful, there are obedient our children gets into wonderful people in church.

And they get to know great folks, who can be good mentors and encourage us to them. Who can provide them sometimes with encouragement that maybe doesn't come as easily from the parents. Sometimes, you can have this tribe around you helping you as you're trying to be a positive. What's on your child?

That's what Jesus finds. Jesus parents find when they show up here in the technique. Here are these, fantastic people seeming and Anna. Exactly. The kind of people, you would want to celebrate the birth of your child and they find them because they obediently went to the temple. Then time goes along the next part of the story about the Gentile travelers in the hateful rulers.

That's told in Matthew chapter 2. And so, if you read the beginning of Matthew chapter 2, you find this story, Of the visit of these wise men from the east. It's interesting. This is not necessarily in the same period of time. This could be sometimes labor. There's a couple of different reasons we believe that one of them is in Matthew chapter 2, is you read it these travelers when they come to Greek his family.

They greet them in a house so they're not in a barn anymore. They're going to house. Also as Herod goes through here, all the boys that are two years old and under he views them as potentially being Jesus. So how much time has gone by? I don't know, but sometimes it's gone by And maybe this is the way it worked, maybe after the circumcision of Jesus and the visits at the temple and all that, maybe they returned to Galilee got other stuff and relocate to Judea that sort of is what it seems like as happened.

Anyway, there they are, they've kind of set up shop. Now they're there in a house. And then here companies come in, they're from the east. What does that mean? That's the east is big? Oh, They're the east. And these men from the east have followed this star. What did that star look like?

I don't know. I'm spend time trying to think about that trying to learn about that. I don't know. It was a amazing. That's what I do know. This start appeared up in the sky and then it gave them direction. How does that work? It's amazing. Here they come and do are these guys and how do they know to look for them to decide?

We don't know that either. Most likely these are guys who were acquainted. Maybe was some of the prophecies of Daniel or something seems likely. But anyway, whoever they argue, they come, they make all this journey. And sometimes you hear stories about three wise men and all that, it doesn't give a number.

Know how many there are in this traveling band? But here, they show up to greet the family of the Messiah. And we've read gifts, there's three different kinds of gifts. They bring doesn't mean there are three different people. But as they show up with these gifts, Interested in being generous to the family, the Messiah.

They go. When they meet with Harriet. It's incredible. These guys have made this your thing they knew them. As I was coming, they're looking for them and they followed directions to come and find them here. It has no idea that's even going on. He's right there. He is no clue.

And then just to embarrass himself further, he says, by the way, where's the Messiah's supposed to be born? That's the kind of question it's embarrassing to ask if you're a leader who's ought to know about the Bible. Well, that's easy one. They say we is gonna be born in Batman.

So here we go. He's interested in better animals, seven. And all these other folks who have been such positive influences around Jesus Herod is an evil man. And he said, evil influ. Even throw them aside, he came to a wicked world, a world with real life. Reds, And our children are born into that too.

It's not new for us. We feel like our world is more threatening and it's ever been I don't know, I never ever had someone try to kill one of my children. To pretty wicked world Jesus. There's a lot of good there. That's true. The look at the wickedness around it, too.

So when Herod figures out, these wise men have gone. Now, they visited Jesus, and they went back. They didn't go visit with Harry again, like more. Here it makes a decision and he's going to kill all the little boys in that region. So every little boy, two years old and under it's going to be killed because of her.

So, the family of Jesus off to go to Egypt. And they spend an extended period of time in Egypt. And during that particular time, they're protected from this evil rule of Herod. Now. There's the folks that are around Jesus. Following this particular time these early days, Jesus family, finally does come back and they make their way to Galilee.

The world Jesus is born into is a world, that's ruled by Rome. So, the government is Roman And, Sees are Augustus. He's the emperor when Jesus born Tiberius becomes the emperor and 14 AD. So when Jesus very young man, a change of emperor. There's a little enrollment, they're very, very powerful.

They've got Roman governors over these different regions and they've got these local tetra's. That's the errors. So there's the rule. The culture, the Jesus is born into is a culture that includes kind of some interesting dynamics. It's a culture that he grows up in where they speak, primarily Aramaic, And they are really very protective against influences from the outside.

But there is an the influence of Helenism or the Greek influence is growing even into this particular region. It's very likely the people around Jesus. They they were very likely by lingual. They spoke Aramaic as their first language but Greek is making its way all over the world. This powerful and wealthy empire, the Roman Empire, Has built this incredible infrastructure, a sort of made this world.

Feel a little bit smaller. You can travel all over the world during the days of the Roman Empire, the way you could not before. And so it puts a unique pressure then on the world. Jesus grows up in. And the spiritual authorities, the Pharisees in the Sadducees. Are trying to navigate this time, I'm not going to go through all the history of them or whatever.

But if you think about their, the politics of Jesus day being on something of a continuum, You kind of have, I don't know who to put on the left and who to put on the right necessarily. But they are opposed to each other the Pharisees and Sadducees. The Sadducees are going to kind of accept the rulers and work with them.

They're the politicians, the Pharisees are the separatists. So is this region is wrestling with this growing Greek influence. You can recognize the tension that was growing between these two. Which the statuses were like, fine, let them come in, we're fine with that and the Pharisees are willing to fight it with everything they've got.

There's attention that's in this world that Jesus grows up in. He is those sheltered perhaps from this tension because he grows up in a little place called Nazareth. Nazareth, is not really a place known. For being a prestigious place at all. It's very humble place. In John 1 and 46 Nathaniel utters.

That famous question. Can anything good come out of Nazareth? It's a small little place and it has no significance in God's mission plan can Nazareth, really be an important place. But when Jesus family returns, that's where they settle, they settle in Nazareth. And they grow up in Nazareth. And just outside of Nazareth.

Is this heel? I want to just read this little quote to you. I've shared this with some of you before some of you have not, I just want to share it with you this morning, describing the view from Nazareth, it wasn't an important place but from Nazareth you could see a lot of important places.

Here's the way, JT Shepard describes Nazareth. He says, on the hill 500 feet above the town, almost wonderful. Panorama opens to view of the beauties and historic scenes of the land. To the north one, sees the plateaus of Zebulon and afterly and mountains of Lebanon with snow covered Herman towering above them all.

To the west the coast of Tire in the blue waters of the Mediterranean, With Mount Carmel, historic scene of the struggle of Elijah with the prophets of Baal jutting out into the plain of Ezra Long. To the south across the historic plane. Seen of many of the most memorable battles of Israel.

Rise, the hills of Gilboa were saul and Jonathan lost their lives with Mount Ebol and the land of Shechem in the background and the east across the sea of Galilee and the Jordan Valley, the headlands of Gilead and Jalen with the conical shape mount tablear, figuring prominently in the landscape.

So, you can just really hear the quiets of Nazareth. The calmness of the world Jesus grew up in this little humbled town. In the middle of an agricultural area. We're not much happened. But he could go out and he could climb this hill, just outside of town and he could look and he could see where the whole history of Israel had happened.

Jesus grew up right in the middle of that history. And what was his youth like it really don't know very much about it. Generally speaking, here's what the Bible says in. Luke 2, verses 39 and 40 when they have performed all these things, according to the law of the Lord, they returned to Galilee to their own city Nazareth.

And the child grew and became strong and spirit filled with wisdom, and the grace of God was upon him. So, Jesus went through the normal stages of development. He grew physically, he grew in wisdom, he developed throughout his youth. Much. Like we wouldn't say exactly the same in much, like we normally do One of the things around Jesus during these days of development.

Is a family that travels together. Luke chapter 2 tells us this story about the Passover, And so during these days in Jerusalem, you've got these daily sacrifices, the more you need these sacrifice, you've got these weekly sacrifice that happen on the Sabbath. But then you have these yearly sacrifices.

And they would have happened three times a year in the past over to Pentecost and of course, the day of the Feast of Tabernacles and October. So, pass over is like the Jewish New Year. Happens in the spring of the year. And it is. During this particular time, when Jesus family takes a trip from Luke chapter 2, And it's during this time when he stays behind in Jerusalem, figuring he should be about his father's business.

His parents look for him, and finally find him in the temple, having discussions with the Jewish leaders, Jesus is obviously mature for his age. He shocked everyone in the temple, with his ability to have that discussion in to But his parents say, it's it's time to go home. And so Jesus goes with them, here's the way, Luke describes it in Luke 2, verses 51 and 52.

He went down with him came to Nazareth and was subject to them. But his mother kept all these things in her heart. And Jesus increased and wisdom and stature in favor with God and men. And so the period of development for Jesus is a period of simple obedience. He was the best son ever.

Never ever. Did he commit a sin? Not one time. Can you imagine raising a son, who never committed a sin? Sin is such a horrible thing, isn't it? It brings such havoc into the lives of our children to the all of our lives. Jesus never experienced that. And his parents never experienced that.

He was a wonderful son. During this period of development. Jesus, not only was a good son, he was a good friend. He was a good brother. He was a good member of his community. And so he grows in favor with God and men. From the period of these 12 years old until he is 30.

We know basically nothing. There's one little passage in the book of Mark that shows us the perspective of the people of Nazareth of Jesus. And here's what they knew about Jesus is he visits Nazareth at the beginning of his ministry? Here's what they say about him is not this, the carpenter the son of Mary and brother of James, Joseph.

Judas and Simon. And they're not his sisters here with us. So they were offended at him. Jesus says, in verse 4, a prophet is not without honor except in his own country among his own relatives, and then his own house. Says, the period of maturation occurs, Jesus is surrounded by his family.

He has his own country, he has this area where he belonged, And when he grows up there, the Bible says he becomes a carpenter. It's also noteworthy. That Joseph's name is not mentioned in Mark 6. In fact, Joseph is mentioned, very rarely even in the ministry of Jesus at all.

It is extremely likely. It's been long. Believed that Joseph must have died. When Jesus was you. It seems to be a reasonable conclusion. Especially since when Jesus does die, he commits the care of his mother to the apostle. John's father is not there to take care of her apparently If that is true, which it appears to be true, that means as the firstborn, whenever his father died, Jesus would have had taken on responsibility for this family.

Working, as a carpenter didn't work, just to take care of himself. He would have worked to take care of his family. Committing the care of his mother and John 19. That's because the care of his mother was his responsibility. And until that time, It's an interesting fact, really, to think about this period of development for Jesus Christ.

That he would have known the burden of daily responsibility. Of getting up early every day and going to work. Of putting other people before yourself of providing for people. And if even having the experience of having Maybe you could say just awkward family dynamics. After all to his brothers.

What was he? He was there big brother. But with the father absent, he had kind of a different role in just a big brother. He was their provider, And maybe that introduced some awkwardness into his family as well. But Jesus, managed, all of those different things that all of his time growing up, he managed all of them perfectly Until he is 30 years old.

Jesus, quietly and perfectly. Develops in the city of Nazareth. Leaves you hungry, for more dozen, That's the rest of the story. Of course, that's what we plan to talk about the next several weeks. Because when Jesus does turn 30 all the sudden, the ministry begins, and at 30 years of age, everything will change the quiet life.

Jesus is known in Nazareth of quietly and dutifully taking care of his family, quietly in dutifully obeying God. And every way All of that life, all of that normal will change when he turns. This is our study for the this morning, about the beginning of the life and the story of Jesus Christ.

As we consider this story, of course, we already know the end of the story. We know the Jesus Christ is the reason this morning that we can ultimately offer the plan of salvation. And God's plan of salvation made possible. By Jesus Christ, is that we would hear the good news of Jesus.

The good news about his life, his death and his resurrection and salvation at results from this good. Good news. We would believe this good news. Repent of our sins confess our faith and be immersed in water. This is God's plan of salvation. If you've taken these steps but faltered and wish to make a correction this morning of a public nature, we hope you'll do that.

One of the case, please come while we stand and while we sing

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